Saychol 'John' owner/chef

Hails from the East Central area of Thailand.

Learned to cook at home with his family, but on coming to Australia embraced the local produce and after working in fine dining restaurants is now at home in Kew East.

If he's not in the kitchen you will likely meet him on the golf course.

Gaew curry chef

Though she runs the curry section, Gaew's heart is in pastrymaking.

Her calm and friendly attitude make her a great member of the team.

Bang stir-fry chef

The newest member of the team, Bang is an inspired and strong team member.

His calm under pressure and 'no worries' attitude helps the team keep their heads and work together during busy periods.

Eat entree chef

A lively and health conscious member of the staff.

She works so quickly we can't keep up.

She also has a great knowledge of Thai herbal remedies and is willing to share her knowledge.